Download FlashBulb Application Created By HackerStair

FlashBulb Application
FlashBulb Application 

Simple to utilize, fast and authentic electric lamp application with a User-Friendly Interface, that can transform your telephone into a super brilliant LED light source in a single tick. Very much composed most splendid blaze sparkles shine even when the screen is off. It's a lightweight application and totally free. 


* Torchlight in Dark 

* Shading Screen Light 

* Morse Code Flash Light for SOS 

* Compass and Map 

* The brilliant light application. Absolutely free 

* Convenient and simple to utilize

* Shines when the screen is off or bolted

* Unique Plan.

* For gadgets without LED - utilizes a screen like a torchlight 

* Fully secure and protection for you

Why do we need camera permission?: 
Unfortunately, LED is part of the camera and for switching on/off - we need this permission

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